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Kanzume Goddess reemerges as Kamigami Battles: Battle of the Nine Realms, an epic aggressive PVP deck-building card game, with new mechanics, new content and even more to come! We have cleaned up the rules, adjusted the balance of powers in the realm, and created some exciting new game elements that new and current fans will love.

What we have updated:

- Several Gods have been rebalanced and the rules have been clarified.

- The Chaining Colors (the circles at the top left of each Warrior with a color and zodiac symbol) have been updated so that the symbols are black. The original game was formated such that color-blind fans struggles to see the symbols and colors. By making the symbols black, now one can chain their cards based on symbol alone.

- Increased the size of the God cards and we have updated the card backs. Your game can fit in the box sleeved or unsleeved, with promos! 

- Better card quality and packaging so that you can sleeve your game!

- We have added temples and we have several other game upgrades to come should we reach lots of stretch goals!

Fans have been asking about expansions to Kanzume Goddess since its original release, so in addition to Battle of the Nine Realms, we are also pleased to offer a NEW stand-alone expansion to Kamigami: Kamigami Battles: River of Souls! River of Souls will include brand new artwork featuring Gods, Warriors and Disciples from the Egyptian and Babylonian pantheons and myths.

Already have Kanzume Goddess, but you don't want to pick up the re-print? No problem! We have an option for you, you can get just the upgraded Gods and Temples in the Acolyte Pledge Level.

Should the campaign succeed, Japanime Games plans to produce many more expansions based on the endless pantheons of the world. Top level backers get a preview copy of River of Souls just two months after the campaign closes! There is a Kickstarter exclusive promo card (Nergal the Plague Bearer) that only backers will receive! Stretch goals include several exciting game upgrades, new gods, new warriors, and several new expansions! After all, the glory of the Gods is vast and eternal! The war of the Greek and Norse Gods has not gone unnoticed by the fearsome leaders of other realms...

In Kamigami Battles, you will play as one of the Gods of mythology competing for dominion over the realm. You will recruit ancient Warriors and Disciples to fight in epic battles against the Gods trying to conquer your world! Each God has a pool of life force called energy, and by reducing a God to 0 energy, you can either kill or seal that God away!

Players can choose to pair up with their friends in Team Match or wage war on all those who oppose them in Free-For-All. In a Team Match, 4 or 6 players team up in pairs of two, with one player the Main God and the other the Support God, to be the last standing after eliminating all of the opposing Main Gods. In Free-for-All, 2 to 6 players battle for dominance by either eliminating all other Gods or by being first to reach 25 energy.

On top of the awesome original components for Kanzume, in Kamigami Battles: Battle of the Nine Realms we have upgraded the God cards and made them oversized (to match their epic Godly might). The Warrior and Disciple Cards will remain the same size as the original cards.

We are also excited to announce the addition of Temples to the Kamigami universe! Six Temples will be included with River of Souls and if we hit enough stretch goals, we will make Temples for Battle of Nine Realms as well! Temples are your God?s place of worship and they provide the Gods, through a High Priest, Energy when they need it. They can be attacked instead of the opponent?s God and their Energy is reduced as in a normal attack. A Temple with 0 Energy is destroyed and turned face down.


The Hall of Heroes is where Warriors congregate to discuss battle plans for winning the realm! To set up the game you will shuffle the Warrior Deck and deal out 6 random cards to the Hall of Heroes. If players draw more of the same card, they will stack cards of the same type together. There should always be 6 different card piles in the Hall of Heroes. 

Priestess, Bishop and Sacred Guardian Cards get their own separate piles and place in the Hall of Heroes. Each player takes 8 Priestess cards and 2 Sacred Guardian cards as their starting Draw Deck.

A Player's Area is where their Temple and God will stay throughout the game. Players will place any recruited cards on top of their deck






The God's can grant you several Reward options in exchange for your unwavering faith..... 



 Temple Foil Cards and River of Souls Foil Cards final card counts will be determined at the end of the campaign based on how many stretch goals are reached. 

Test games will be mailed to backers this winter!

Personalized God Card Details:

Your personalized God card can be made in whatever likeness you choose (you, your spouse, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga etc.) You can choose a God from Norse, Greek, Babylonian, and Egyptian pantheons. You can choose a god that is already in the game or you can choose a brand new one. And if we reach the expansion stretch goals you can choose from Celtic, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese pantheons. 

Your God cards will be included in all KS pledges and they will be included in the Foil Card packs based on the pantheon you choose. 

Chosen Champion is exactly the same as Demigod except that instead of a personalized God card, you will receive a personalized Warrior card and a print of that art! Warriors come in sets of 5, so you and every backer will receive a promo pack of 5 of your personalized Warrior as a special promotional item! These personalized Warriors can be played in the game as regular Warrior cards.  

Your personalized Warrior card can be made in whatever likeness you choose (you, your spouse, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga etc.) You can choose a Warrior from Norse, Greek, Babylonian, or Egyptian mythology.  

You can choose a Warrior that is already in the game and we will make an alternate art and text version of the Warrior. Or you can choose a brand new Warrior (Hercules, Amazon Warrior, Ragnar, etc.) And if we reach the expansion stretch goals you can choose Warriors from Celtic, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese mythologies as well.

What is the Acolyte Pledge Level all about? Our intention with the Acolyte Pledge Level is to offer the few people who might not want Battle of Nine Realms an option to get some of the new goodies. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you grab Battle of Nine Realms, even if you have Kanzume.

If you have the original Kanzume Goddess and do not want to buy the reprint (Battle of Nine Realms), you can buy the Acolyte pledge level and get 12 updated oversized Gods from Kazume/Battle of Nine Realms and 6 new Temples. We wanted to offer this to fans because we anticipated that there may be a handful of people with Kanzume Goddess who did not care to get Battle of Nine Realms. This will allow you to play Kanzume Goddess with all future Kamigami stand-alone games and expansions.

However, again, we highly recommend that you back the reprinted base game (Battle of Nine Realms) for several reasons:

-  Stretch Goals will not be included in this Pledge Level. 

- The original can was not big enough to hold your cards sleeved. Battle of Nine Realms will hold the entire game sleeved or unsleeved, including promos.

- In order for all of your sets to look and feel consistent, it is best to buy the reprinted base game. The graphic format of Kanzume Goddess will be different from all of the new expansions. We updated text on both Warriors and Gods and we updated the color chain symbols to be more clear. The card quality on Battle of Nine Realms will also be superior and the card backs will be different than Kazume Goddess. No Warrior mechanics have been changed which is why the Acolyte Pledge Level will allow you to combine Kanzume with the other sets, but we have updated the text and graphics format on every card in the original game in some capacity.

We have done a lot of work on the original game to make it better, more balanced and consistent with the reprint and rebranding as Kamigami Battles. We truly think fans of the original Kanzume Goddess will appreciate the changes!

Temples: If we reach the new Temple Stretch Goals, this reward will include Norse and Greek temples with the Acolyte pledge level. If we do not hit those Stretch Goals, this package will include Temples from River of Souls instead, which can be used with either set. However, we expect that we will be able to make the Greek and Norse temples without a problem!












80 Premium Metal Counters (Includes 30 5" and 50 1's and a beautiful blue velvet bag)

The Gods are kind and will shower us with many Strech Goal gifts should we provide them with enough faith!


Want to know where exactly we are at in our Production process? We will post the Production Schedule in our Updates as regularly as possible with details about what we are working on and how far we are in the Production process!



Japanime Games is proud to offer EU and Canada Friendly shipping and most pledge level shipping is FREE in the USA. Your shipping will automatically calculate for you when you pledge. When finalizing your pledge on Kickstarter be sure to check if any of your add-ons require extra shipping.









Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It's our goal to import and translate the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. For more information about Japanime Games, see



Available Rewards:

$100USD + Shipping


Kamigami Battles : Battle of the Nine Realms
Kamigami Battles : River of Souls
Ishtar Standard Sized Playmat
*eligible for all Stretch Goals

$10USD + Shipping


Kanzume Upgrade: Oversized God Cards from Battle of Nine Realms and Temples.

$40USD + Shipping


Kamigami Battles : Battle of the Nine Realms
Kamigami Battles : River of Souls
*eligible for all Stretch Goals

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