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Dana Lee and David Witherly illust. ロクシロコウシ

In 2020, we celebrated 10 years of Tanto Cuore and were absolutely floored by the response to our anniversary edition. We love the maids and butlers, but we didn't quite understand just how much all of you did! Because of you, we went ahead with an idea that we'd been tossing around - A brand-new Tanto Cuore game, designed by our friend Ross Allison, featuring a new, haunted mansion, some new maids and some that you might recognize, but not.... quite.

And then we kept thinking. And listening. And we know many of you have been asking for MORE Tanto Cuore - maybe even MOTTO Tanto Cuore?

Not familiar with Tanto Cuore? Tanto Cuore is a deck building card  game for 2-4 players. The players take the roles of “Master of the  House,” employ a lot of cute maids, and are served by them while slowly  filling out their house (card deck).

But take care! The maids can  become sick or get bad habits. When the game ends, the player who has  the most Victory Point-gaining maids on his staff (all his cards) is the  “perfect master” and the winner of the game. 


Dina Shores illust. 藤原ひさし

It appears you have Inherited the abandoned Twilight Manor, which has sat dormant for decades since the family was chased away by the resident ghosts. No one knows for certain what transpired within these walls, but the hauntings have left the property untouched and possibly cursed.

It’s now up to the Twilight sisters to try to bring new life into their ancestral home. How far will they get as troublesome hauntings make things even more challenging while they try to restore the manor? It seems the ghosts aren’t too happy with the renovations and will do everything in their power to stop you!

Tanto Cuore 6 offers several new game mechanics. In here, the players are in a rush to complete dilapidated rooms, avoid the ghosts, and perform seances to help with their goals. However, the spirits are not always willing to play along, and they can at times go out of their way to mess up your strategy if they turn evil!

Your job as the new owner of the manor to employ Workers to help you collect combinations of symbols in order to accomplish the task of Finishing a Room, while also Employing your Maids and Butlers to keep the Ghosts at bay with the assistance of Madam Damnable and her Seances. As players face the fate of her Tarot cards, what amazing glimpses into the future—with great fortune or a taste of ill fates—await them?

Tanto Cuore 6 has just opened the door to the supernatural: Are you willing to take a peek inside for this new paranormal adventure?

Did you know that tarot cards were originally used for playing games? They were, for centuries, and still are! However, most people know them for their use as divination and 'fortune-telling' - and Madame Damnable definitely knows how to use them. Her skills will come in very handy while exploring and renovating Twilight Manor!

After spending so much time in the mansion, the maids are ready to get out and soak up some sunshine! Motto Tanto Cuore features some maids that you'll probably recognize - but is played in a totally different way! We've had Motto Tanto Cuore in our reserve library for a while, but were concerned because it didn't 'fit' with the other Tanto games. So many fans have asked, we thought it was time to finally tackle this adorable stand-alone. Motto Tanto Cuore cannot be used in conjunction with the other games, but is still tons of fun to play, all on its own!

There’s a huge outdoor party coming up, and everybody’s eager to participate in the preparations! Maids from all the houses are busy working in the park where the party will take place.

In this game, players can call their maids to the park to prepare for the party, where they can complete food, decoration, and cleaning errands. At the end of the game, the party starts—and the player with the most victory points will be the Master of all Maids!



If you haven't tried Tanto Cuore Digital, it's a great time to check it out! It's available on Steam! Take a peek at the trailer!


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Available Rewards:

$49USD + Shipping

Master of Phantoms

Get the newest Tanto Cuore! You'll receive a copy of Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor along with all the unlocked stretch goals. A $60 value!


  • Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor
$89USD + Shipping

Master of Phantoms and More

Get both the new releases - Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor AND Motto Tanto Cuore, and all unlocked stretch goals. A $100 value!


  • Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor
  • Motto Tanto Cuore
$99USD + Shipping

Retailer Pledge


You will see a shipping charge of $999. Before you complete your order, please contact us at for a custom shipping quote. Orders over $300 will ship free within the US!


  • 2 x Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor
  • 2 x Motto Tanto Cuore
$129USD + Shipping

Master of Mementos

Get the two new titles plus the new oversized ouija-board inspired setup playmat. A $150 value!


  • Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor
  • Motto Tanto Cuore
  • New Oversized Tanto Ouija Playmat - 24” x 36”
$299USD + Shipping

Master of All

Get the complete Tanto Cuore Collection! Tanto 1-6, Motto and two playmats - worth more than $400!


  • Tanto Cuore Base Game
  • Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House
  • Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation
  • Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest
  • Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance
  • Tanto Cuore: Memento Mori - Twilight Manor
  • Motto Tanto Cuore
  • New Oversized Tanto Ouija Playmat - 24” x 36”
  • Standard-sized (14" x 24") Tanto Cuore Playmat - choice of design

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