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In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone--every Hero needs a Sidekick!

The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all!

Winner of the prestigious Tokyo Game Market award, this immense co-op game is the biggest game ever to come out of Japan! 


Inside the box (measuring 17" x 12.5"):

  • One (1) Game Board measuring 32" x 22" (81cm x 56.5cm) - two-sided, the board features the map for a 2-player game on one side and a 3-4 player game on the other!
  • Four (4) Player Boards
  • One (1) Power-Up Board
  •   245 Cards - 42 oversized (79 x 120mm) and 203 mini (44 x 63mm)
  • 40 punchboard character standees
  • 16 plastic standee bases - 2 of each player color, 2 ally bases and 6 clear bases for villains/supervillains and menaces.
  • 31 punchboard tokens - 1 Crisis Token, 1 Destruction Marker, 1 Sushi Token, 4 EXP tokens, 12 Unlock Markers (4 per color) and 12 Burn Tokens.
  •  Rulebook (download a PDF HERE) - there is a blank page in this draft, marked as intentional - we're waiting for a graphic to go there, doesn't affect the rules at all! 

Each player takes control of one Hero and one Sidekick, and can use all of their level up powers, skills, limit-break abilities, and gadgets to start working with the other Heroes to solve incidents and defeat Villains. Once the Heroes defeat 2 Villains, 2 Supervillains, and the final boss--the Menace-- they win the game!

Gray Rabbit's Character Card, Punchboard Standee, and Acrylic Standee...
... and his Sidekick, Haruki Takamura!

Your Hero must use Energy cards to do anything in Tokyo Sidekick. Each Hero starts with a certain amount, and then builds their deck with more and higher value Energy cards as they progress through the game and gain EXP.

Player Area Setup - the Energy Deck and Discard Pile on the left - Player Board with Face-Up Hand and Hero Powers and Gadgets above, and the Hero and Sidekick Cards to the right, with the unlock tokens underneath.

To set up the board, you’ll need to take the green Starting Incidents from the Incident deck and place them on the town spaces. Each Incident not only gives you a picture of what’s going on in that town, it tells you where to place it and how much Energy it will cost a Hero to solve. So right from the start you’ll already know where you want to start sending your characters to help the city!

Sample Starting Incident

The rest of the Incidents go in a deck in the bottom right, with the next few upcoming ones already showing. Our Heroes can use police scanners and Variant Human abilities to tell what’s going to go wrong next.

You’ll also place the Crisis Token and Destruction Token on the board, which show what stage of a round you’re on and how close Tokyo is to total annihilation. Every time the Crisis Token does a loop, more villains and more Incidents start popping up!

Now if you don’t defeat the Villains before the end of your turn, you begin taking damage. The Damage card deck goes next to the Incidents on the bottom right, and every time you take a Damage card it will clog up your deck and make Energy harder to come by. Some Heroes can heal you, and everyone can discard Damage as an action though, so there’s always hope for the good side!

Next you form the Enemy deck. All the Villains and Supervillains get shuffled separately, and you place the Villains on top of the Supervillains. You’ll reveal your first Villain after you choose your characters, placing the card at the top of the board--with all its dastardly abilities visible to all players--and the Villain figure on its Home Turf.

The Enemies Deck goes in the upper right-hand corner, and we draw the first villain and place it in the upper left-hand corner. Her standee goes to her Home Turf of Akasaka.

During their turn, players can spend energy and EXP to do any of the seven actions on their player board and the Power Up board. As long as a player can 'pay' for an action, they can continue. The Player Board actions (bought with energy) are:

  • Move (one or two spaces)
  • Charge Up (draw a card)
  • Brush Up (put a card from their hand out of the game permanently)
  • Resolve (an incident on the board)
  • Attack (a bad guy, obviously!)
  • Assemble (move to the space their other character is on)
  • Power Up (make their good guys better!)

On the Power Up board (bought with EXP):

  • Buy a 2-energy card (Power, Speed or Concentration)
  • Buy a 3-energy card (Power, Speed or Concentration)
  • Attach the Hero's Gadget to their Sidekick
  • Power up the Hero's two non-specialty damage attacks (make them do double damage)
  • Limit Break the Hero's specialty attack (make it do triple damage!)
  • Improve the Amazing Duo card to do +6 damage instead of +3

The rest is up to you! Take these Hero powers in your hands and work together with the other players to save the city from ever-stronger enemies that are determined to damage both you, and the city. Gain EXP, power up your characters and deck, work out how to best help your allies in your onslaughts (yes, you can all attack enemies together!), and use your incredible array of skills to defeat the Menace!

This is our biggest game yet—with a huge board, a huge box, and a whole lot of amazing game upgrades.

Not too big though - fits into a standard Kallax shelf!

Not only is the game absolutely amazing... we've got a ton of great game upgrades to offer you as well, like a set of 40 acrylic standees for the deluxe offering!

Each copy of Tokyo Sidekick will come with a download code for the Dized version of the interactive rules and tutorial so you can learn as you play! Download the Dized app free on Android or iOS and enter the code you receive, and it will walk you through learning to play Tokyo Sidekick, including adapting to where people are seated around the board, how many players there are, which Heroes and Sidekicks you're playing and more!

And since it's an interactive ruleset, we will be able to make updates, corrections, and add FAQ and errata if necessary! And Dized is always growing, so you'll have access to tools released in the future as well.

How to Play/Review

Special thanks to Dice and Dragons for doing this crazy in-depth look at Tokyo Sidekick and how to play!

Video Reviews

 Written Reviews 

Unboxing Videos 


The Assemble tier will get you everything you need to play Tokyo Sidekick! You will receive one copy of the game, which includes a double-sided map board, player and power boards, tokens, cards and cardboard character standees. You'll also receive a sleeve to put your game box in to show off you're a Kickstarter supporter, the limited edition comic book, and be eligible for all stretch goals!

Get a sidekick for your base game - grab the base game, the Akihabara Web Scenario, plus the Kickstarter sleeve, limited edition comic and stretch goals!

Upgrade your copy of Tokyo Sidekick with a set of 40 acrylic standees that can be used in place of the punchboard standees included in the standard game (you will receive those as well!) Check out these amazing acrylics!

Get all the things with one pledge! The All the Goods Tier includes a copy of Tokyo Sidekick with a set of acrylic standee upgrades; the Akihabara Web Scenario mini-expansion; Kickstarter-exclusive sleeve; limited edition comic; clear sleeves to protect all the cards in the game (both the base game and mini-expansion); a double-sided map playmat measuring 24" x 36"; the 1000-piece die-cut puzzle featuring the cover art; and a set of enamel pins featuring five Heroes and Sidekicks. And of course, you're eligible for all unlocked stretch goals!

Retailers! Grab two copies at wholesale price and once you're verified, you'll get access to wholesale pricing for the campaign, as well as receiving the unlocked stretch goals! Your order will also be delivered to you before the game is made available to distribution. Only verified retailers qualify for this tier. If you have questions, please email us!

Japanime Games is proud to offer EU , China, Australia and Canada Friendly shipping.

Sorry, Brazil and Russia, international fulfillment centers are restricting shipments to you, so we cannot ship directly to addresses in these countries. Please make arrangements with a forwarder or a friend in another country to receive any physical items.

Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It's our goal to import and translate the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. For more information about Japanime Games, see

Little Future designs tabletop games, offers tabletop game consulting for rules and more, prints games, and runs a small board game cafe chain called Little Cave. Their games include giant games like Tokyo Sidekick and tiny games like Field of the Sun. They are also known for Orc and Only You. They want to create a little something that is just out of reach, to bring the future to us, but they also want to create a company where little ones will have a bright future. For more information about Little Future, see

Available Rewards:

$100USD + Shipping


Upgrade your Heroes and Sidekicks to make your copy a deluxe version! You'll receive the standard version of Tokyo Sidekick, the Kickstarter Exclusive sleeve and comic book, along with a full set of acrylic standees for the Heroes, Sidekicks, Villains, Supervillains AND Menaces! 40 acrylic standees in total!


  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick
  • One (1) Set of 40 Acrylic Standees
  • One (1) Kickstarter-Exclusive Game Sleeve
  • One (1) Tokyo Sidekick Comic Book
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
$60USD + Shipping


Jump in and start defending Tokyo! You will receive a copy Tokyo Sidekick, which includes everything needed to play! Also included is an exclusive sleeve to show off that you're a proud Kickstarter backer, and a copy of the comic - where you can find out more about all the characters!


  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick
  • One (1) Kickstarter-Exclusive Game Sleeve
  • One (1) Tokyo Sidekick Comic Book
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

We do not ship to Brazil or Russia.

$60USD + Shipping

Retailer Pledge

VERIFIABLE BRICK-AND-MORTAR RETAIL STORES ONLY. This pledge locks in your store's access to all products available in the campaign, at wholesale prices. Retailers will be verified before orders are accepted.

You'll also receive a very special retailer-only box sleeve and all the unlocked stretch goals!

You will see a shipping charge of $999. Before you complete your order, please contact us at for a custom shipping quote. Orders over $300 will ship free within the US!


  • Two (2) copies of Tokyo Sidekick
  • Two (2) copies of the Tokyo Sidekick Comic
  • Two (2) retailer-exclusive box sleeves
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
$75USD + Shipping


Get a sidekick for your base game! Get the Tokyo Sidekick game plus the first English expansion, Akihabara Web Scenario, in addition to the Kickstarter backer exclusive sleeve and comic.


  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick
  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick: Akihabara Web Scenario
  • One (1) Kickstarter-Exclusive Game Sleeve
  • One (1) Tokyo Sidekick Comic Book
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
$200USD + Shipping

All the Goods!

Get all the things! You'll receive a copy of Tokyo Sidekick, the acrylic standee upgrades, the Akihabara Web Scenario and a double-sided map playmat. Also included is a set of sleeves that will fit your copy of Tokyo Sidekick, the set of five enamel pins, the BESM book and the die-cut puzzle! And of course, the backer sleeve and comic, AND you'll be eligible for all unlocked stretch goals!


  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick
  • One (1) Set of 40 Acrylic Standees
  • One (1) Copy of Tokyo Sidekick: Akihabara Web Scenario
  • One (1) Double-sided Oversized (24"x36") Map Playmat
  • One (1) Set of Clear Sleeves to Fit Your Game!
  • One (1) Copy of BESM: Tokyo Sidekick
  • One (1) Set of Five Enamel Character Pins
  • One (1) Die-cut Character Puzzle
  • One (1) Kickstarter-Exclusive Game Sleeve
  • One (1) Tokyo Sidekick Comic Book
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

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